Our Priorities


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Our Priorities

Customer Satisfaction

Continuous R&D

Latest Manufacturing Technology

Lean Manufacturing

Quality Management

Our manufacturing facility is US-FDA approved

We are an Achilles Verified Supplier. Supplier verification includes SCM, CSR and quality management among other parameters.

ISO 9001: 2015 Certified

HALAL Certified

GMP Certified

HACCP Certified

Restriction of Hazardous Substances Clearance through SGS

LP-Reach Qualification for supply to European Countries

Our supply base includes Basell Technology Certified Customers

Our supply base includes Univation Technologies Certified Customers

Continuous High Pressure Reaction

Process used to create Zinc Stearate granules

We are the pioneers of Zinc Stearate granule manufacturing in India


High Heat Stability

Dust Free - Eco Friendly

Free Flow Crystalline Granules/ Powder

Complete Reaction: Negligible Free Fatty Acid Content

Semi Fusion (Direct)

Direct fusion of Fatty Acid and Metal Oxide in presence of a catalyst

Introduced in 1992


Heat Stable

Low Impurity

High Bulk Density

Precipitation (Double Decomposition)

Indirect reaction between Stearic Acid and Metal Salt to form Metal Stearate through Caustic Soda/Potash

One of the oldest processes of manufacturing Metal Stearates


Low Bulk Density

Large Surface Area

Highly Cohesive

Greater Hydrophobicity

Smooth Texture

We are the only company in India to manufacture Zinc Stearate in all three forms:
Powder, Emulsion & Granules

Research and Development

At Mittal Dhatu R&D, our goal is simple:

To continuously innovate production process & quality of metallic stearates

We do not believe in continuing with age old processes, but are always on the lookout for better & more efficient means of manufacturing metallic stearates.

The deliberate effort put in Research and Development at Mittal Dhatu is the reason behind our latest innovation - Zinc Stearate granules, which is widely perceived as the future of Zinc Stearate manufacturing.


Mittal Dhatu Rashayan Udyog

E-81 Indraspatha Ind Area

Kota-Raj (324005), India



(+91) 94141 80500

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